julieWho am I?

I am a part-time health services geek and a full-time mummy to my seven and nine year old daughters.  I live with my adorable (if sometimes misguided) husband, Mr B.  When I am not being a mummy or a blogger, I am a professional writer, focusing on health policy and practice.


Work with me

I am always looking for interesting things to do with (and without!) my children and then reviewing them on my site, so if you have something you would like me to review, please get in touch.  I also write for a wide range of clients and publications, so if you are interested in getting me to write something I’d love to hear from you!



This isn’t the Oscars, so whilst I definitely owe gratitude to my husband, my children, my… blah, blah, blah… I’m going to restrict myself to saying a big thank you to Big K, without whose technical wizadry I never could have got this far.  Thanks, Kenneth.



I don’t collect any information about who visits my site, so please enjoy it at your leisure!

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