Colour and joy in south east London

Dulwich 7

June 2019 Dulwich Picture Gallery’s new pavilion, The Colour Palace, and Cutting Edge printmaking exhibition are light, bright and full of joy.  There are even free music and talks after hours.  Read more


Treasure trails: how I spent an afternoon outdoors with my husband and children and nobody cried


August 2018   I have found the holy grail of the school holidays: how to entertain a family of four for the afternoon for under £10.  And I am claiming bonus points for it being outdoors and involving some mild exercise. Please pass my crown, because I am now the queen of parentingRead more


Dinosaur delight in south east London


May 2018   You don’t have to be into dinosaurs to enjoy Dinosaurs in the Wild, you just have to go to Greenwich Peninsula.  There’s time travel, there’s a live dinosaur autopsy, there’s even a chance to put gloves on and feel dinosaur poo… Read more


Indoors and educational – we love the science museum!


April 2018   The Science Museum turns out to be a great way to spend a rainy day, go for free, or pay for added extras like the 3-D cinema.  My kids would still be there now if I hadn’t made them leaveRead more


Let’s ALL dance delivers a christmas ballet at family friendly prices

November 2017   This lovely interpretation of popular Christmas ballet the Nutcracker is a treat for all the family, and cleverly shortened to keep children’s attention.  Read more


Peckham Festival is diverse, vibrant and makes me feel cool again


In case you’ve taken your eye off the Peckham ball, it’s become very hip since you last looked.  I felt I’d become a little bit cooler just by being there – and that’s before I drank the chilli cocktails and tried to crash a flamenco evening…


A watersports holiday with Mark Warner: how much fun can a family of four have?

MW sailingresize.ashx

We took our 7 and 9 year-old girls to Mark Warner’s Levante resort on the island of Rhodes for a week of water sports and fun in the sun, and here’s what we learnt…


Everything you need to know about kidzania

Kidzania is like a child-size shopping centre built within a real shopping centre – the difference being that it’s kept really clean, and all the staff are super helpful.  It claims to offer ‘a real life role play experience for 4-14 year olds, blending reality with entertainment.’ The kids loved it and the adults were able to relax.  What’s not to like? Read more



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