Stepping out: shoes that slay

If The Wizard of Oz has taught us one thing, it’s that you can achieve anything in the right pair of shoes. You can go on wild adventures; you can defeat witches; and you can outwit winged monkeys. I’m not saying you need fancy shoes to do any of these things, but it’s good to have the option.

For many years I mostly wore flat shoes or trainers, because I habitually leave slightly less travel time than I actually need to get to my destination. This means that almost all my journeys involve a spot of light jogging to arrive on time. But in more recent years I have succumbed to the joy of shoes with heels (the higher the better) and now I’m addicted.

Obviously, you can’t rush anywhere in five inch stilettos, so I may not arrive on time. But what I lose in speed, the shoes more than make up for in magnificence. These are some of the shoes I put on when I am out to conquer and I don’t plan on taking any prisoners…